Executive & Leadership Coaching

“The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible”Arthur C. Clarke

Are you an Entrepreneur, an Executive, a Manager feeling stuck in the middle of nowhere?

Feeling stuck is very often a clear sign that something needs to change and a good opportunity to start to gain self-awareness.

Would you like to plant new seeds, to build a bridge and cross over it, to sail away from the safe harbor?


Executive & Leadership Coaching 

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Coaching Main Benefits

  • get new fresh perspectives and above all bring clarity

  • explore different paths and choices

  • get support, guidance and moreover new challenges

  • find what motivate you and increase your motivation

  • improve relationship skills and ability to inspire your employees and colleagues

  • improve individuals and teams  performances 
  • build personal awareness
  • take decisions

  • acts towards your goals and get results


About our Strategic Coaching Services

“Borders are not only geographical frontiers, but also metaphysical limits of the human minds and organizational cultures.”   – Gio Remondini

The key factors of a coaching project:

  • It is a proactive process, which leads to self-motivation
  • Helps build awareness, empower choices and lead to change
  • Unlocks a person or team potential to maximize their performances
  • Support a person/team/organization to get out of the comfort zone and helping them go in the direction they want to go
  • Coaching is a relationship of trust, accountability and confidentiality 
  • It is a great opportunity to reflect, deepen awareness and activate changes
  • Coaching helps to build new skills
  • It is not a remedy, it is a generative process

About us

We are Coaches and moreover we are Human Beings, with strong passion for people and their potential.
Our enthusiasm to help others combined with extensive experience and know-how are the driving force behind every service we offer.

We assist Individuals, Organizations, Government Entities, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Professionals with tailor made Strategic Coaching Services.

Our Values

The Key Values that we embrace during the journeys with our clients:

Integrity – We are open, honest, reliable and trustworthy in dealing with our clients and business partners

Ethics – We apply ethical behavior, responsibility and confidentiality in any interaction with our clients.

Commitment– We fully engage with our clients doing our job to the very best of our abilities. Above all our distinctive advantages are dedication and passion for results.

Diversity & Inclusion – We are sensitive to different cultures and background. Treating and valuing others with respect and dignity help us to create long-lasting relationship with our clients.

Giovanna Remondini
Executive & Leadership Coach

ICP PCC Professional Certified Coach

ICF PCC Mentor Coach

Ruchi Malhotra
Executive & Performance Coach

Leadership Coach

Team Facilitator & Coach

Coaching Beyond

Corporate Coaching | Executive Coaching | Career Coaching | Startup Coaching

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore” – William Faulkner

Our Coaching Services

Corporate Coaching – Organizations that have implemented a strong coaching culture known the importance of coaching activities as key pillar of their re-organization and change management projects.

Change Management initiatives not supported via dedicated coaching programs fail at high rates.

Define a plan for change can be easily done, but deploying and implementing changes can be overwhelming and sometimes even daunting.

Corporate Coaching is specifically designed towards organizational goals. Just as a football coach coaches a football team, a corporate coach work within an organization. Focus on the corporate teams and corporate vision, mission, values and strategic goals.

Executive Coaching – is the art of facilitating performances, learning and development. It is a whole comprehensive concept that synthesizes the best from different disciplines like: business, communications, consulting, psychology, transformation, philosophy, finance and sports.

Key Benefits of Executive Coaching:

Executive Coaching

  • Innovative thinking abilities
  • Business acumen and financial management
  • Leadership and organizational skills
  • Flexibility and Agility
  • Social Relationship and Cross-Culture Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to inspire and influence

And much more – Every organization it is a unique system that requires different skills and abilities.


Career Coaching – Helps you to take charge of your career and it is particularly useful if you want to change your career, get promoted, find a new job or became an entrepreneur.

Career Transition Coaching

Career Coaching helps you to clarify your career purpose, get awareness about your unique strengths and talents.

The Coaching process helps to close the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be in your professional life, career and business.

Moreover during Career coaching you get support and guidance that facilitate discover new solutions, embrace challenges, evaluate different choices, develop action plans and build self-confidence.

Startup Coaching – Startups to be successful need to move and growth fast. Very often startup founders launch themselves into startup ventures without any leadership training and experience.

Startup Coaching

Be a startup founders can be overwhelming. Build a company from scratch, recruit and retaining the best talents, attract funds and investments, and scale up the team and business.

Startup Coaching support Startup founders and team in all stage of their business journey. We work on the “Human Dynamics” for better performances in fast changing environments.

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