A Coach as a Christmas gift

We are noticing around us the signs that Christmas is just a few days ahead and most of us are getting ready for the winter holiday.

We will also open soon our back door to let the old year out and open our front door to welcome the New Year.

This is the time of trees decorated with ribbons and lights, the time when kids are waiting the magic Santa.

This is the time to reflect on a end-of-year self-assessment and start to think to the new year’s resolutions and goals.

This is the time when we buy gifts for our loved ones often struggling because we do not know which gifts will be appreciated.

This year for me is above all the time of surprises, our world is moving faster than ever and it happened that also the Santa anticipated his visit to me.

We must  know that Santa parked his loved reindeers in a warm place and now is travelling with a smart human-carrying drone.

Yes! Last week he knocked my door saying “Hi, I need your help”

I answered “Welcome! Please come in, take a rest and tell me how can I help you?”

The Santa said “Thank you for your nice invitation, but I cannot come in. I am running to collect the last Christmas letters and a lot of gifts must be prepared and delivered.”

Extending to me few of his letters he said:

“These people have special inquiries, they asked me a Coach as Christmas gift. I was thinking they would like to receive a bus, or a minibus, but they explained me that “a Coach” is a human being, a professional that help people to develop skills and abilities, to improve performances and achieve their full potential”

Santa added “Coach gifts are not available in my warehouse. I am confident I can count on your support to make these people happy.”

He said “ Goodbye” and smiling he disappeared.

Looking out my window I saw Santa in the sky flying away with his drone.

 Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year to everyone.

And of course a special thank you to Santa!