Boost your career: develop a new career identity

Boost your Career

How develop a new career identity and boost your career

Is your resume just a list of academic achievements and job’ roles or is truly reflecting a professional identity aligned with your dream job?

In  your resume recruiters can learn a lot about you: your past and present job , your nationality, your academic education and training, certifications, soft skills, hobbies  and moreover if your CV (as it is recommended) include a picture who receive your CV can have also an idea about your face and how you are looking.

This is the image you are projecting to the outer world, but is the way you are branding yourself aligned with the skills and strengths required for the new job venture?

Is your resume reflecting your inner world, your motivation, what are you passionate about?

And moreover is your CV reflecting the strengths and talents that are really unique and peculiar about you?

What I have discovered coaching hundreds and hundreds of executives, managers and job-seekers in career transition is that very often is very hard  for them to land new jobs and opportunities till there is a shift in their personal and professional  identity.

If you want boost your career and land a new job aligned with your dreams the first step is to develop self-awareness and work on your inner professional identity.

I know it can sound overwhelming and maybe you do not know where to begin, let’s keep this simple:

Our inner identity is a sum of characteristics that are unique and peculiar for each of us, our personal identity is connected with our values, beliefs, behaviours, education, cultural and societal influences and past experiences.

Key questionS to ask yourself:

What I stand for?

Which are my strengths?

What are my values?

Which are my aspirations?

What I believe in?

What I am passionate about?

What I am afraid of?

What I would like in a new job/role?

What I would dislike in a new job/role?

The above are just few examples of questions you can ask yourself. Start your self-awareness journey and you will find out that are aspects of your life that you don’t like. Is something that is pertaining to your past and are not serving you anymore.

Whatever traits and characteristic are the ones that are now describing your identity they are simply what you have decided to identify before. Now you have the power to develop and change them!

Develop self-awareness is an essential step to boost your personal success , design who you want to became and decide  the desired changes that are appropriate for moving forward in your career.

The more you know about yourself, the more it became natural to improve your CV embedding it with authenticity and a flavor about your professional personality. You will be surprise about the new opportunities that are waiting for you!

Expand and develop your inner identity is an inside-out job that require commitment, patience and courage, are you ready for this rewarding journey?

Take a rest, don’t give up!

Don't give up

Take a rest, don’t give up – Coaching for Performances

Are you struggling to reach your goals?

Are you feeling stuck somewhere in the middle of your life or career?

You cannot figure out how to change things? How to improve your life beyond your current situation?

Sometimes life is putting us down, nothing seems to be working and we feel exhausted.

I would like to share a poem that kept me going through hard times.

Maybe it can work also for you.

“When Things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all up hill,
When the funds are low and debts are high,
And you want to smile but have to sigh.
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow,
You might succeed with another blow,

Success is just failure turned inside out!

And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems  so far,
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit,
It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.”

                                                                                  Author Unknown

Stop to fight, accept the situation for what it is, surrender  just for a moment, be gentle with yourself.

When you let go your control and allow your life to flow along the path of least resistance, you will gain new perspectives, new insights and more energy.

You will be ready to start again, maybe you realize that you need help to turn your life around and reach your goals.

Asking for help and understand why you need it is an action that requires a lot of courage and a demonstration that you are really committed to take a new step in your life.

Take a rest if you must, be gentle with yourself

ask for help if you need, but don’t quit!

A Coach as a Christmas gift

A coach as Christmas gift

We are noticing around us the signs that Christmas is just a few days ahead and most of us are getting ready for the winter holiday.

We will also open soon our back door to let the old year out and open our front door to welcome the New Year.

This is the time of trees decorated with ribbons and lights, the time when kids are waiting the magic Santa.

This is the time to reflect on a end-of-year self-assessment and start to think to the new year’s resolutions and goals.

This is the time when we buy gifts for our loved ones often struggling because we do not know which gifts will be appreciated.

This year for me is above all the time of surprises, our world is moving faster than ever and it happened that also the Santa anticipated his visit to me.

We must  know that Santa parked his loved reindeers in a warm place and now is travelling with a smart human-carrying drone.

Yes! Last week he knocked my door saying “Hi, I need your help”

I answered “Welcome! Please come in, take a rest and tell me how can I help you?”

The Santa said “Thank you for your nice invitation, but I cannot come in. I am running to collect the last Christmas letters and a lot of gifts must be prepared and delivered.”

Extending to me few of his letters he said:

“These people have special inquiries, they asked me a Coach as Christmas gift. I was thinking they would like to receive a bus, or a minibus, but they explained me that “a Coach” is a human being, a professional that help people to develop skills and abilities, to improve performances and achieve their full potential”

Santa added “Coach gifts are not available in my warehouse. I am confident I can count on your support to make these people happy.”

He said “ Goodbye” and smiling he disappeared.

Looking out my window I saw Santa in the sky flying away with his drone.

 Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year to everyone.

And of course a special thank you to Santa!

New Year, New Career? Dubai job trends 2018

2018 Dubai Jobs

Every New Year many people make resolutions, it can be losing weight or saving money and very often, for people unsatisfied of their professional status, the decision is to find a new career opportunity!

According to a recent report issued by the Dubai Economic Department, Dubai’s economy is forecast to grow 3.5 percent in 2018.

The expected growth, based on strong economy foundation that promotes innovation and productivity, is going to keep the Dubai’s job market steady.

During 2018 Dubai’s companies will continue to hire new employees, particularly they are looking for skilled professional in different sectors.      Job’s applicants with the right set of skills can also expect very attractive salaries and benefits.

Which industries will be hiring in 2018?

Who will be the most sought Professionals in the United Arab Emirates market?

  • Marketing and Communication

Marketing professionals with a good level of computer literacy, innovative and strategic thinkers, excellent interpersonal skills and commercial awareness.

New vacancies also for Communications specialists, Public Relations Managers and Social Media specialists.

  • Accounting and Finance

The introduction of the VAT Taxation in the United Arab Emirates, starting from the 1st January 2018, will boost the hiring of VAT Professionals, Accountants, Tax Managers and Credit Controllers.

Candidates with previous experience in VAT Taxation framework will be the most sought.

  • Information Technology

Information Technology specialists with Project Management skills and ability to design, develop Software Programs and Applications in support of businesses.

The exponential growth of companies setting up digital retail businesses will require also more staff in the IT Department to support the online business escalation.

Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, home of more than 200 nationalities, candidates from all over the world are continuously targeting the available vacancies and the level of competition is very high.

Companies in any sector are also competing to attract the best talents.

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a seasoned manager looking for a change, knowing your natural talents and strengths and defining your personal brand is the most important aspect of standing out and getting hired.

To conquer and win a job interview the candidate, beyond the technical skills described in the job profile, needs to demonstrate flexibility and cross-cultural relationship skills.


Job Interview? Be Yourself, be Authentic not an Avatar

Job Interview

Job Interview – Be Yourself – Be Authentic not an Avatar

How many times have you landed a job interview, your experience and skills were matching the job profile, everything was going so well and you were savoring the pleasure of getting that job, but unfortunately with big disappointment few days later you got an email or a call informing you that your interview was not successful.

You start rehearsing in your mind the movie of that interview and try to understand what went wrong and what could be done better, you cannot find any missing skills or any mistake in your conversation with the interviewer, apparently there is any valid reason for missing your goal to get that job.

Very often the truth is that you were “technically” perfect but not authentically connected with your inner self.

Authenticity during a job interview means to show the real you, the one you will be everyday when you will be doing your job or you will interact with colleagues in the new job.

When a manager or a recruiter call you for an interview, they already know and like what is written on your CV , the main reason they want to meet you is to ensure that what you wrote on your resume resonate in you as human being.

That’s why striving to be the perfect candidate most of the time doesn’t work, interviewers prefer to talk with a human being not with an avatar that duplicates the job profile.

Bring your Authenticity

Bring your authenticity to a job interview it doesn’t mean that you have to disclose everything about your life or you must feel free to share any emotion you are feeling.

Authenticity naturally show up when there is a deep connection with your inner self that help you to understand what’s appropriate in a situation. Your inner self guide you to choose which emotions are suitable according to the circumstances.

An authentic connection with your inner self also activate the energy to push yourself out of your comfort zone, take challenges and moreover move your career forward.

Prepare Questions

You can prepare yourself before attending a job interview and decide which information and real facts you would like to share with the aim to give a true sense of yourself.

Preparing tailor-made questions for the interviewer also can help you to better understand the company culture and values and evaluate if are aligned with your personal values.

It can also happen sometimes that you get prepared very well for the job interview and you interact bringing your highest level of authenticity, but there is no way to grasp that job. And what’s unbelievable and very strange you also feel relieved and happy!

To be connected with our authenticity and inner self always guide us to take out the most at any given moment of our life and it can make the difference between getting a job or landing the right job.

Leave at home your avatar and bring the best authentic you to the next job interview!