Boost your career: develop a new career identity

How develop a new career identity and boost your career

Is your resume just a list of academic achievements and job’ roles or is truly reflecting a professional identity aligned with your dream job?

In  your resume recruiters can learn a lot about you: your past and present job , your nationality, your academic education and training, certifications, soft skills, hobbies  and moreover if your CV (as it is recommended) include a picture who receive your CV can have also an idea about your face and how you are looking.

This is the image you are projecting to the outer world, but is the way you are branding yourself aligned with the skills and strengths required for the new job venture?

Is your resume reflecting your inner world, your motivation, what are you passionate about?

And moreover is your CV reflecting the strengths and talents that are really unique and peculiar about you?

What I have discovered coaching hundreds and hundreds of executives, managers and job-seekers in career transition is that very often is very hard  for them to land new jobs and opportunities till there is a shift in their personal and professional  identity.

If you want boost your career and land a new job aligned with your dreams the first step is to develop self-awareness and work on your inner professional identity.

I know it can sound overwhelming and maybe you do not know where to begin, let’s keep this simple:

Our inner identity is a sum of characteristics that are unique and peculiar for each of us, our personal identity is connected with our values, beliefs, behaviours, education, cultural and societal influences and past experiences.

Key questionS to ask yourself:

What I stand for?

Which are my strengths?

What are my values?

Which are my aspirations?

What I believe in?

What I am passionate about?

What I am afraid of?

What I would like in a new job/role?

What I would dislike in a new job/role?

The above are just few examples of questions you can ask yourself. Start your self-awareness journey and you will find out that are aspects of your life that you don’t like. Is something that is pertaining to your past and are not serving you anymore.

Whatever traits and characteristic are the ones that are now describing your identity they are simply what you have decided to identify before. Now you have the power to develop and change them!

Develop self-awareness is an essential step to boost your personal success , design who you want to became and decide  the desired changes that are appropriate for moving forward in your career.

The more you know about yourself, the more it became natural to improve your CV embedding it with authenticity and a flavor about your professional personality. You will be surprise about the new opportunities that are waiting for you!

Expand and develop your inner identity is an inside-out job that require commitment, patience and courage, are you ready for this rewarding journey?