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Giovanna Remondini – Executive Coach 


Giovanna Remondini Executive Certified Coach 

ICF – PCC Professional Certified Coach

Mission: help my clients to find the inner space where passion, motivation, strengths and talents connect with their profession and business.

Executive, Career, Business Certified Coach Helping people and organizations Go Beyond

Giovanna Remondini Executive Coach
Giovanna Remondini – Executive Coach

Giovanna has more twenty years managerial experience helping entrepreneurs building teams and processes that accelerate growth.

She has successfully managed a wide range of corporate projects from Strategy to Implementation in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. During her career she has also successfully designed, implemented and delivered Corporate Training and Workshops, providing outstanding programs for hundreds of managers and employees.

Giovanna has been privileged to work both as an Executive in corporations and also as an external management consultant where she garnered deeper insight of the corporate internal dynamics and first-hand knowledge of all aspects of business.

She brings a diverse background of business strategy, sales, marketing, product management, global markets, customer service and organizational development.

Her Coaching and Training Programs are always tailor made to empower individuals and teams to discover their talents and strengths with the aim of maximizing performances, increase productivity and achieve results. Bespoke Coaching Programs for leaders adapting to rapid market change and wanting to build an attractive and results-driven employee culture, improve resilience and better embrace uncertainties.

The combination of her experience, methodology, patience, and guidance helps entrepreneurs and teams establish a clear direction and a foundation for working together efficiently and effectively.

Whether she’s coaching leaders one-on-one, facilitating meetings, or leading workshops, her passion and high level of energy are contagious.

From 2010 based out of Dubai, however she is fascinated and curious in probing Developing Markets, experience and embrace different cultures.

She is a keen traveler working worldwide as freelance Coach and Consultant with Corporations, Government Entities, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers in career transition and Start-up Founders.

Her clients span a broad spectrum of industries, including manufacturing and trading companies, business services, automotive, food and beverage, fashion, telecom, technologies, FMCG, wellness, hospitality, Universities and Academic institutions amongst others.


  • Degree in Economy – Curriculum  Economy of Innovation and Human Resources Management
  • Master Degree in Business Strategy and Competitive Technologies
  • Stanford University post graduate Certification in Strategic Decision and Risk Management.
  • International Coach Federation – PCC Professional Certified Coach
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Master Advanced in Communication
  • CTI Co-active Coaching Diploma
  • CBT Diploma – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner
  • ICF – International Coach Federation Member
Giovanna Remondini - ICF Professional Certified Coach
Giovanna Remondini - International Coaching Federation

Ruchi Malhotra – Executive Coach 

Executive & Performance Coach 

ICF ACC & NLP Certified Coach

Mission: Help individuals, teams and organizations to excel and reach beyond  their true potential, by bridging their inner passion and strengths with business aims and goals 

Ruchi Malhotra – Executive Coach

Ruchi is an accomplished professional with a career spanning more than couple of decades in various levels of management in the retail industry.

In her decades of work experience she has worked with stake holders ranging from corporate clients representing multinational marque retail brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Crate and Barrel, Pier 1, Jamie Oliver etc.  as well as small and medium enterprises, working on projects in varying scales of complexity and types. During this time, she led high performing teams in international projects, wherein she had the opportunity to widely travel around the world, attending trade shows, business promotion activities and such. 

After a brief sabbatical wherein, she focused on reinventing herself in a journey of self-discovery, she is now focusing on executive coaching. In her own words she is passionate about helping executives and organizations to break the glass ceiling to realize the full potential at both an individual and a team level. 

She comes with a management degree from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (Mumbai), a premier management institution in India.

She is an ICF – Associate Certified Coach, a member of ICF Singapore chapter and a certified NLP practitioner. She is now continuously perusing her learning journey with certifications in the related fields of Coaching and NLP.

Giovanna Remondini - International Coaching Federation

Coaching Testimonials

Navigating Through Change

Coaching with Giovanna is like riding a wave at full speed. Energetic and powerful, exuding aliveness, grounding and bold. No matter which topic you are bringing to the table, she’s going to help you cut through the haze and squelch ambiguity. She’s empowering you to overcome self-sabotage and championing your strengths and talents. Her direct style and her authenticity are incredible tools of accountability, in which she’s a true master. Recommended!

Alfonso Giuliani – Entrepreneur, Belgium

Covid-19 Career Transition

After a couple of months, the Covid-19 pandemic started, my company announced a downsizing plan, reducing the workforce and particularly a layoff of some of the Senior Executives, I was one of them. This decision really come out of the blue and suddenly I found myself jobless. It was really a tough time, only uncertainties around me and I desperately wanted a new job. I realized that I needed professional help and started a Career Transition Coaching program with Giovanna. She supported me to manage the transition, firstly accepting the situation and reviewing my career journey assessing my experience and unique talents. A shift happened towards a growth mindset and I started to rebuild my self-confidence. We worked together on a new appealing resume and defining a strategy and action plan for job hunting. I have developed new skills like patience together with consistency and perseverance, after 3 months I landed a new interesting job opportunity. I really thank you my Coach Giovanna for inspiring, challenging me and her passion to tailor made the coaching program keeping always in her mind my goal.

Michael P. – Executive Director U.S.A.

Launching my startup

Having had the opportunity to work on a coaching program with Giovanna transformed my whole life. When I began my coaching program I was an employee in a multinational company, I was feeling unhappy and my motivation toward my job was very low. Together we explored the dream to be my own boss and launch my startup. She helped me to gain clarity about my needs, how to connect with my passion, define goals and action plan. Giovanna’s business knowledge combined with her coaching techniques were strategically applied to help me to move my first steps: define different market scenarios, evaluate opportunities and risks, find a co-founder and eventually launch my startup.

Ali A. K. – Startup Founder, United Arab Emirates

Boosting Self-awareness and Self-confidence

Giovanna’s coaching style was energetic and friendly and oriented on strengths which I found very useful for my personal and professional development. She helped me discover and explore my strengths and related needs. Thanks to the different tools she proposed I could get a better self-awareness and actually change my perspective by focusing on my strengths rather than weaknesses. I learnt about different tools and how to get more self-aware and empowered by exploring and focusing on strengths. Coaching with Giovanna helped me to get to know myself better, be more self-confident and resourceful to continue to go forward with my new learning.

Confidential – Human Resources Director, Belgium

Be in charge of my life

When I started my coaching program with Giovanna in my mind there was only confusion. I was unsatisfied and struggling to find a new direction both in my personal and professional life. She was able to create a strong personal connection based on mutual trust and collaboration. She thoughtfully and patiently supported me to start a new chapter of my personal development journey and moreover challenging me to work through difficult situations. After gaining clarity about my new direction I took full responsibility to be the creator of my life.

Tareq A. – Operations Director, United Arab Emirates

Developing Leadership Skills to Boost my Company

Giovanna helped me to get clarity about my company’s strategy and goals. She guided me to gain a great level of self-awareness. In addition her support was precious on my journey to discover and maximize my strengths and develop my leadership skills. As result of my coaching program I was able to creatively re-design my organization and take my business to the next level.

Mohammed T. – CEO, Saudi Arabia

Turning Dreams into Action

Giovanna’s coaching style is direct, powerful, with a clear questioning that helped me really look into what was going on. She challenged me yet created the structure I needed to feel deeply supported. Giovanna also managed to switch my creative side on a number of occasions. I could tap into the excitement of my “whys”. She is modeling the “You can be living your dreams” phrase. She really had the tools and dedication to help me turn dreams into actions.

Corinne Pyree-Marx – Entrepreneur, France

Your Coaching journey is a process that we are going to co-create, I am ready to support you to create something unique in your business,  career and life.

Ready to explore working together? I would love to hear from you!

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