Job Interview? Be Yourself, be Authentic not an Avatar

Job Interview – Be Yourself – Be Authentic not an Avatar

How many times have you landed a job interview, your experience and skills were matching the job profile, everything was going so well and you were savoring the pleasure of getting that job, but unfortunately with big disappointment few days later you got an email or a call informing you that your interview was not successful.

You start rehearsing in your mind the movie of that interview and try to understand what went wrong and what could be done better, you cannot find any missing skills or any mistake in your conversation with the interviewer, apparently there is any valid reason for missing your goal to get that job.

Very often the truth is that you were “technically” perfect but not authentically connected with your inner self.

Authenticity during a job interview means to show the real you, the one you will be everyday when you will be doing your job or you will interact with colleagues in the new job.

When a manager or a recruiter call you for an interview, they already know and like what is written on your CV , the main reason they want to meet you is to ensure that what you wrote on your resume resonate in you as human being.

That’s why striving to be the perfect candidate most of the time doesn’t work, interviewers prefer to talk with a human being not with an avatar that duplicates the job profile.

Bring your Authenticity

Bring your authenticity to a job interview it doesn’t mean that you have to disclose everything about your life or you must feel free to share any emotion you are feeling.

Authenticity naturally show up when there is a deep connection with your inner self that help you to understand what’s appropriate in a situation. Your inner self guide you to choose which emotions are suitable according to the circumstances.

An authentic connection with your inner self also activate the energy to push yourself out of your comfort zone, take challenges and moreover move your career forward.

Prepare Questions

You can prepare yourself before attending a job interview and decide which information and real facts you would like to share with the aim to give a true sense of yourself.

Preparing tailor-made questions for the interviewer also can help you to better understand the company culture and values and evaluate if are aligned with your personal values.

It can also happen sometimes that you get prepared very well for the job interview and you interact bringing your highest level of authenticity, but there is no way to grasp that job. And what’s unbelievable and very strange you also feel relieved and happy!

To be connected with our authenticity and inner self always guide us to take out the most at any given moment of our life and it can make the difference between getting a job or landing the right job.

Leave at home your avatar and bring the best authentic you to the next job interview!